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Swd ruby sapphire wholesale gemstones has long experience in gemstones industries. We are specializing and world's leading in cabochon cut ruby gemstone, blue pink yellow sapphire gemstone supplier. Our gemstones are high quality. We are import loose ruby stone from mining around the world, such as, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil, and Cambodia. The company also has products in other categories such as emerald, jade, rubellite, tsavorite.

Sapphire gemstone exists in all the shades of color, such as, blue pink yellow white green, fancy. The oldest Saphire mines are situated in Ceylon, today called Sri Lanka. The expert recognizes Ceylon sapphires from the luminosity and brilliance of their light to medium blue colour. Normally, sapphires come from Thailand or Australia.

Sapphires are birthstone September. They are suitable to set with diamond ring earring and bracelet. There a lot of saphire minding, but height quality saphire come from Thailand, Burma and Brazil.Australia. Yellow sapphire is also birthstone for whom was born in September. There are verity of tone color. The major element of color is iron. High quality yellow saphire come from Sri Lanka, Australia and Thailand. Ceylon pink sapphire is alos popular. they have the same as material with rubies (corundum), but we will call ruby when the color stone is pure red. Sri Lanka produces many petty shade of saphire they are called ceylon saphire. There are also a lot of mining in Vietnam, Madagascar, Thailand.

Ruby stone has been considered on the most valuable gemstones, because they are wonderful colour, excellent hardness and overwhelming brilliance. The most important, it is an rare gemstones. Ruby is the red variety of the corundum mineral, one of the hardest minerals on Earth which also includes Sapphires. Burma ruby stone is the most popular of color for making jewelry. They are usually set with diamond ring, pendant and earring. Thailand rubies is called Siam ruby.

Some Rubies show a wonderful silky shine, the so-called "silk” of the Ruby. The reason for this phenomenon are finest rutilum needles. And now and then we will come across one of the very scarce Star Rubies. If such Rubies are cut as half-dome shaped cabochons, this will result in six-ray stars which seem to magically glide across the surface of the moving stones. Star Rubies are expensive rarities Their value is assessed according to beauty and attractive colour, while transparency is secondary. Fine Star Rubies, however, should always display rays which are completely shaped including the rounding, and the stars should be situated right in the centre.

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